Spice is Nice


Of all the tastes , I am naturally attracted to the spicy one. It’s sort of kick that no taste for me can replace. A sudden burst of energy , a spring in my step and what I hate most is for that taste to slip away . I love to have that taste with me …it reminds me fondly of the meal.

So I got inspired by a dish from Maria Goretti. An actress, VJ and now a chef. Her cookbook is just so heart warming because the dishes  really spell out one word РComfort.

The dish really is Chillies Stuffed with Mushroom Masala .
Onions and tomatoes and Mushrooms fried in sizzzling oil and flavoured with robust Indian spices like chilly , tumeric , coriander and garam masala.  Once stuffed sear it or let the chillies stay raw and then dig into spice heaven .

Beer , Stuffed Chillies . Netflix ! Yea… my kinda perfect

Cya lovelies xxx