Coffee Pudding


Coffee is like a best friend. She’s always with you . She feels your pain , she giggles , she drinks your tears when they fall in her cup and she can be dark and bitter when you want her to. A bit poetic for a cuppa coffee, eh ? Yea what the heck , a loyal friend such as coffee deserves a bit of homage 🙂

I like to eat my coffee sometimes ! I turned her into a pudding . A sweet bit of indulgence when you need that extra special care.

Coffee Pudding  

A tin of condensed milk
1/4 cup Semolina
1 1/2 Cup Water
1 spoon coffee powder or coffee decoction ( I used filter coffee decoction of 3 spoons of coffee)

Heat all the above in a saucepan over medium heat till it thicken, put in molds and let it cool. Demold  and serve with your favorite chocolate sauce!

It’s simple but indulgent . Great when you have guests that need impressing 😉 Or you could just impress yourself 🙂




Banana Yum


I am always guilty of buying more than I should when it comes to fruits. I just want to have all of them in my fruit basket cause they look so pretty and fresh . And then days pass and they lie there bored !! It shows on their skin which is getting crumpled and losing its sheen. I can hear them screaming their lungs out..”do me a favour and eat me before I’m gone ”  And the poor fruit that goes through this torture more often than not in my home , is the humble BANANA!

So I thought , it’s time I gave it more respect. So the usual scene enacts in the kitchen ..iI can sense the signal the bananas are giving me ..with their sweet aroma.

It was time for a Banana Chocolate Loaf!

Mashed Bananas , Butter(1/2 cup)  , Milk ( 120 ml with a teaspoon of lemon juice) , my favorite Vanilla, mixed with flour(2 cups) , cocoa (1/4 cup) sugar ( 1 cup)  and chocolate .  Add baking powder and baking soda and watch the magic  in an 180 degree oven for 55 minutes .

You get the most moist , just the right sweetness , indulgent loaf. Its just the right mate for your coffee. Go ahead give it a go , its worth it !

love M

Stir Fry Mushrooms


I am a big fan of quick cooking . It’s non fussy , quick , easy and tasty. When laziness sets in , stir fries are the perfect solution . What I like most about them is they look so fresh , colourful and delightful to the eye , cause its not cooked fully . The bite is still there but not totally raw. It gives you a great canvas to merge different ingredients and create new flavours.

In my recipe of Stir Fry mushrooms today I combined Indian and South Asian flavours.  Indian Spices combined with Soy Sauce , Vinegar and a Hot Chilli Sauce. It felt really warm and spicy on the palate . The sinking couch , my dreams , and a nice stir fry . Its my world right there . I sound a bit gloomy today just like the weather :)) Yeah one of those days when silence and thoughts are my happy space!

Love XXX


C is for Coastal Food


Coastal Food in India is all about the coconuts! It finds its place in almost every dish that the region has to offer- whether it’s savory or sweet.  It gives a nice touch to the dish , although I cannot stand its overuse.  It makes the coconut redundant and ordinary.

It’s dinner time , there’s Wimbledon on the telly and there’s my loving hubby for company . It called for a weekend indulgence.  Rice and Chicken it was.  But not any Rice and Chicken . A nice coconut rice dish and some spicy chicken curry .

Today to my rescue came Chandra Padmanabhan  She’s written some amazing books on recipes from South India . Her recipes always turn out sumptuous . Infact her books have helped a great deal to help me learn South Indian cooking .

This week for me has started on a sad note to see my favorite tennis player Rafa Nadal crash out of Wimbledon . But cooking food and a good Harry Styles song always makes me feel better . 🙂 By the way , I am near obsessed with his song Kiwi these days . :):)

Till next time then XXX


Rainy Day is Brownie Day!


Yes , the rain gods have been in overdrive for the past couple of days in Mumbai . These are the days when the body and the bed become best mates and don’t seem to leave each other 😉 The tummy longs for not so healthy versions of foods and the chocolate cravings are messing with your rational being

And Boom! Chocolate Brownies from Donna Hay  to the rescue. Frankly I wasn’t in the mood for some fancy recipe . All I needed was a bowl , a spatula and an oven to work up the magic for me . Chocolate , sugar , brown sugar , cocoa , eggs , flour and milk . I like to add a bit of instant coffee for that extra kick , and top it with coffee ice- cream.
Donna’s recipes are my best friend on such days 🙂

So as the rains were quenching the earth ,  Chocolate took an immaculate form in brownies to satiate my soul.. Whew that was heavy!! i love chocolate…that’s simpler isn’t it. You get the drift , don’t ya ?