Moroccan Chicken


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The most inundating question every morning is what to cook ! Is it that anything will do kinda day ? or should I really get into masterchef mode and prepare something masterchefy or well its a  day for good food and let’s just do that.

I must be the only person , who rejoices when the cook announces that needs 4 days off. Like I have never answered someone in the affirmative that quick. She too gave me a second glance with that äre you gonna replace me “kinda look. The only reason I’m happy is that now I can cook . For hubby! And that’s just what happened. I was like a kid in the candy store when I entered the supermarket.

And after much deliberation and tons of cooking videos later I chanced upon a recipe from Sanjeev Kapoor – Moroccan Chicken. I liked that it had familiar Indian flavours. So I was like “Why not

It’s basically chicken breasts marinated and grilled with the following spice mix

Coriander Seeds
Cumin Seeds
A little Cinamom
Lime Juice
Tumeric Powder
Paprika Powder
Handful of Coriander Leaves
Garam Masala ( this is my little variation for that extra kick)

Grind the above to a paste and marinate the chicken breasts for a minimum of 30 minutes  and grill . I served it with stir fried bell peppers –  It’s a side dish that I rustled up with Bell Peppers , Onions , Ginger , Garlic Powder , Worcestershire sauce , Orange juice and ofcourse salt . Garnished it with coriander ( which by the way happens to be my favorite herb!)

Waiting for the mister’s review.  You guys should give it a go too ! Go on now …

Love , M


Restaurant Review – Jai Hind – Bandra


Eating at restaurants is my thing. I love going out with folks I love to hang out with , but solo trips are something that i dig. A sudden eating instinct led me to a rather familiar eating joint – Jai Hind.  I visited their Bandra branch. Located on Hill Road,  Jai Hind is famous for its sea food among other specialties such as Biryani. But I usually like to eat the sea food.

I tried their Fish thali – Opted for Surmai ( which is essentially king fish) I love it for its meaty delicate flavour and whether its in a curry or fried , it tastes divine. The thali comprises of a portion of fried fish , gravy , sol kadi and rice. You can opt for Roti or pay a little extra for neer dosa. I went for the neer dosa and it paired real well with the gravy.  Good portions , light and tasty and oh so satisfying.  A touch of homemade goodness. It’s a meal that brings a sense of contentment at the end . Staff is courteous , service is quick and  you get value for money . No frills here , just good food . well thats what you want right. Highly recommended for sea food lovers !

I am definitely going back here!

Masala Macaroni



Its World Pasta Day today ! And so I thought I too must pay homage to this wonderful and heart warming creation called Pasta. It’s such an adjusting kind of food . It takes on whatever flavour and ingredients  you put into in and gets into “whatever you say master” mode and voila its tastes good.  I don’t know of too many people who can go wrong with pasta .

I was in the mood for something spicy for lunch , so i whipped up something called Masala Macaroni. All Indian flavours and veggies of your choice and there you have it .

Sweated some onions with ginger – garlic paste , added the tomatoes and veggies (I put on some carrots and bell peppers ) Added salt , pepper , chilli powder , tomato ketchup , garam masala , . Garnished with spring onions and basil . And that was pretty much it!

Sumptuous ! Tasty! Soul Food

What’s your fave pasta. Lemme know

Love M

Coffee Pudding


Coffee is like a best friend. She’s always with you . She feels your pain , she giggles , she drinks your tears when they fall in her cup and she can be dark and bitter when you want her to. A bit poetic for a cuppa coffee, eh ? Yea what the heck , a loyal friend such as coffee deserves a bit of homage 🙂

I like to eat my coffee sometimes ! I turned her into a pudding . A sweet bit of indulgence when you need that extra special care.

Coffee Pudding  

A tin of condensed milk
1/4 cup Semolina
1 1/2 Cup Water
1 spoon coffee powder or coffee decoction ( I used filter coffee decoction of 3 spoons of coffee)

Heat all the above in a saucepan over medium heat till it thicken, put in molds and let it cool. Demold  and serve with your favorite chocolate sauce!

It’s simple but indulgent . Great when you have guests that need impressing 😉 Or you could just impress yourself 🙂




Banana Yum


I am always guilty of buying more than I should when it comes to fruits. I just want to have all of them in my fruit basket cause they look so pretty and fresh . And then days pass and they lie there bored !! It shows on their skin which is getting crumpled and losing its sheen. I can hear them screaming their lungs out..”do me a favour and eat me before I’m gone ”  And the poor fruit that goes through this torture more often than not in my home , is the humble BANANA!

So I thought , it’s time I gave it more respect. So the usual scene enacts in the kitchen ..iI can sense the signal the bananas are giving me ..with their sweet aroma.

It was time for a Banana Chocolate Loaf!

Mashed Bananas , Butter(1/2 cup)  , Milk ( 120 ml with a teaspoon of lemon juice) , my favorite Vanilla, mixed with flour(2 cups) , cocoa (1/4 cup) sugar ( 1 cup)  and chocolate .  Add baking powder and baking soda and watch the magic  in an 180 degree oven for 55 minutes .

You get the most moist , just the right sweetness , indulgent loaf. Its just the right mate for your coffee. Go ahead give it a go , its worth it !

love M

Stir Fry Mushrooms


I am a big fan of quick cooking . It’s non fussy , quick , easy and tasty. When laziness sets in , stir fries are the perfect solution . What I like most about them is they look so fresh , colourful and delightful to the eye , cause its not cooked fully . The bite is still there but not totally raw. It gives you a great canvas to merge different ingredients and create new flavours.

In my recipe of Stir Fry mushrooms today I combined Indian and South Asian flavours.  Indian Spices combined with Soy Sauce , Vinegar and a Hot Chilli Sauce. It felt really warm and spicy on the palate . The sinking couch , my dreams , and a nice stir fry . Its my world right there . I sound a bit gloomy today just like the weather :)) Yeah one of those days when silence and thoughts are my happy space!

Love XXX


C is for Coastal Food


Coastal Food in India is all about the coconuts! It finds its place in almost every dish that the region has to offer- whether it’s savory or sweet.  It gives a nice touch to the dish , although I cannot stand its overuse.  It makes the coconut redundant and ordinary.

It’s dinner time , there’s Wimbledon on the telly and there’s my loving hubby for company . It called for a weekend indulgence.  Rice and Chicken it was.  But not any Rice and Chicken . A nice coconut rice dish and some spicy chicken curry .

Today to my rescue came Chandra Padmanabhan  She’s written some amazing books on recipes from South India . Her recipes always turn out sumptuous . Infact her books have helped a great deal to help me learn South Indian cooking .

This week for me has started on a sad note to see my favorite tennis player Rafa Nadal crash out of Wimbledon . But cooking food and a good Harry Styles song always makes me feel better . 🙂 By the way , I am near obsessed with his song Kiwi these days . :):)

Till next time then XXX