Restaurant Review – Jai Hind – Bandra


Eating at restaurants is my thing. I love going out with folks I love to hang out with , but solo trips are something that i dig. A sudden eating instinct led me to a rather familiar eating joint – Jai Hind.  I visited their Bandra branch. Located on Hill Road,  Jai Hind is famous for its sea food among other specialties such as Biryani. But I usually like to eat the sea food.

I tried their Fish thali – Opted for Surmai ( which is essentially king fish) I love it for its meaty delicate flavour and whether its in a curry or fried , it tastes divine. The thali comprises of a portion of fried fish , gravy , sol kadi and rice. You can opt for Roti or pay a little extra for neer dosa. I went for the neer dosa and it paired real well with the gravy.  Good portions , light and tasty and oh so satisfying.  A touch of homemade goodness. It’s a meal that brings a sense of contentment at the end . Staff is courteous , service is quick and  you get value for money . No frills here , just good food . well thats what you want right. Highly recommended for sea food lovers !

I am definitely going back here!

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