Masala Macaroni



Its World Pasta Day today ! And so I thought I too must pay homage to this wonderful and heart warming creation called Pasta. It’s such an adjusting kind of food . It takes on whatever flavour and ingredients¬† you put into in and gets into “whatever you say master” mode and voila its tastes good.¬† I don’t know of too many people who can go wrong with pasta .

I was in the mood for something spicy for lunch , so i whipped up something called Masala Macaroni. All Indian flavours and veggies of your choice and there you have it .

Sweated some onions with ginger – garlic paste , added the tomatoes and veggies (I put on some carrots and bell peppers ) Added salt , pepper , chilli powder , tomato ketchup , garam masala , . Garnished with spring onions and basil . And that was pretty much it!

Sumptuous ! Tasty! Soul Food

What’s your fave pasta. Lemme know

Love M