Rainy Day is Brownie Day!


Yes , the rain gods have been in overdrive for the past couple of days in Mumbai . These are the days when the body and the bed become best mates and don’t seem to leave each other 😉 The tummy longs for not so healthy versions of foods and the chocolate cravings are messing with your rational being

And Boom! Chocolate Brownies from Donna Hay  to the rescue. Frankly I wasn’t in the mood for some fancy recipe . All I needed was a bowl , a spatula and an oven to work up the magic for me . Chocolate , sugar , brown sugar , cocoa , eggs , flour and milk . I like to add a bit of instant coffee for that extra kick , and top it with coffee ice- cream.
Donna’s recipes are my best friend on such days 🙂

So as the rains were quenching the earth ,  Chocolate took an immaculate form in brownies to satiate my soul.. Whew that was heavy!! i love chocolate…that’s simpler isn’t it. You get the drift , don’t ya ?


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