Mumbai Monsoon Essentials

IMG_20170622_173201_677 (1)

Seems like the monsoons have finally hit Mumbai. Yea , the usual follows ….Oooh Romantic walks , the romantic talks , traffic , potholes , train delays , flooding , intense conversations with self , sudden energy after the sapping heat .,,,Lonavala , …and then therez food!! . The rains bring in a very weird mix of problems and mush.

As cliche as it may sound the Vada Pav , Bhajiyyas and Samosas , get a sudden boost of  popularity during this time of year. Not that they don’t sell during the rest of the year . Its just that the rains confer on them almost a “must-do” kind of aura . Yes and they are paired of with tea, which sounds very wine pairing-ish. (Although , it’s a sure formula for crazy acidity) , But because tradition demands to be followed we do .

Today I want to feature the Vada Pav and the Moong Dal Bhajjiya from Chembur 🙂 Its a roadside stall that sells only for a couple of hours . Its almost like your life depended on it if you don’t get your share of his wares. It feels like the Zara of street food!

But we all love it , with whatever gastronomical discomforts our street food gifts us ..Coz therez always Digene!

Soak yourself . Have the time of your life . Loads of love XX


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