An India-Pak Final needs loads of ENERGY!!

Its the Champions Trophy Finals on Sunday. And what better than an India Pak Final . Emotions run high , Stress levels are high ..its only fair enough that the energy levels are high to cope up with the stress!!!

I came up with some things to munch during the match and created a platter of sorts. All spiced with the Indian Spice Kick!


Well Well , whats on the platter.

There’s Egg Kabab. – Essentially a boiled egg , wrapped in spiced mashed potato and fried. You can season the potato with anything you like . I did with Onions , red chilli powder , tumeric , graram masala and some mozarella . It’s quite filling and its loads a punch in taste.

Then I’ve made two brushettas, one with Tandoori Chicken and the other with Cottage Cheese (Paneer) Stir fried the chicken with Onion tomatoes and spices and plopped in on a toasted bread.  Grilled the cottage cheese and topped with seasoned tomatoes

Potato and Pea Croquettes – Mashed potatoes and peas mixed with onions , nutmeg , salt , pepper , coriander and chillies. Have slid a cube of mozzarella inside for that cheesy goodness when you bite in !

Masala Popcorn and  Blue Curacao Lemonade make the perfect accompaniments. Have put a Salsa and Tzatziki for the extra punch. And yes therez always chocolate for sweet endings .

Bleeeed Blue!!!! Lets go Boys!! India , India !!!!!

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