Sweet Beginnings


It’s always nice to begin things with something sweet! It sets the tone for things to come. Hi! I’m Michelle. Am here for the love of food. I can’t stop thinking about food whenever I have a little free time on hand. It’s no surprise if you see the recipe books that I’ve piled up through the years.  When I pick up a recipe book , there is a story that each one has to tell . About the chef , his/her style , the way they treat food , the reason they cook , how they experiment. They secretly reveal little details , their influences .

Their recipes make you the star of a party and sometimes well …..maybe not. But you silently build these relationships with the chef unknowingly and they become part of your  life. In today’s connected world , you become privy to what’s happening in their lives and you laugh and cry with them silently .

My blog is dedicated to all the chefs I so love . It’ about all the food that I love from the books that I have . It’s about stories related to those dishes . . It’s a blog to celebrate food and their creators. Welcome to my world !